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Konstanze Thau (picture taken from page 5 here)


Konstanze Thau - Background Information

Konstanze Thau listed as one of the committee members of the Austrian Judges' Association covering family law and other legal areas according to their website:


Vorsitzende: Mag. Doris Täubel-Weinreich, BG Innere Stadt Wien
Stellvertreter:1. Dr. Thomas Bauer (LG Linz) 2. Mag. Claudia Jaschke (BG Ebreichsdorf) 3. Mag. Stefan Koppensteiner (BG Neunkirchen)
Mitglieder der Fachgruppenleitung:Mag. Christoph Helfensdörfer(BG Leopoldstadt) Mag. Robert Marchel (BG Mürzzuschlag) Mag. Christiane Stindl-Teufl (BG Leibnitz)  Mag. Ruth Stüger (BG Bad Ischl) Mag. Konstanze Thau (LGZ Wien)

According to the JC, "Judge Thau is believed to be a member of the Austrian Jewish community and a friend of the twins’ father, Dr Michael Schlesinger."

Konstanze Thau is married to Kenneth Thau.

Kenneth Thau (picture taken from here)

Kenneth Thau is a Professor of Neurology / Psychiatry, Psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychotherapy according to the University Website and would likely know many of the leading psychologists in Vienna. He is even listed on the website of the US Embassy in Austria.

Dr. Kenneth Thau, Lindengasse 38, 1070 Vienna, Tel.: 317 20 70, or University Hospital, Tel.: 40400/3514, psychiatrist; English fluent (native speaker).

According to this post, "The court-appointed psychiatrist who heavily criticized Beth in her report was Dr Ulrike Willinger (this was the underpinning reason for the transfer of custody in 2011). She was an employee of Konstanze Thau's husband, Kenneth Thau (who is himself a psychiatrist) at AKH hospital: http://www.akhwien.at/default.aspx?pid=285 "

Konstanze Thau - Previous Inappropriate Judical Conduct

85 year-old woman sued for €150,000

Thau is no stranger to controversy in her judicial career. According to this review of the case of an 85-year-old woman sued successfully by Bank Austria for €150 000, Thau consistently showed bias and repeatedly ignored court rulings to remove her from the case. To quote from the article: "Judge Thau apparently plans to deprive a decent, debt-free, retired woman (85) without a criminal record of her financial assets by means of an obviously false decision."

It is unclear why Konstanze Thau had such a strong interest in parting this lady from €150,000?

In typical Austrian style, the relevant bodies in Austria failed to conduct any investigation into these claims. Would that be in the hope that they would fade away over time?

Schörghuber-Zanger divorce case

In another independent event, Thau was one of the three judges on the panel to preside over the Schörghuber-Zanger divorce case. Unbelievably, according to that article, one of the other judges was found to have files AT HOME regarding the case, so it is presumed that he was able to inform the husband IN ADVANCE that he was not planning to take the wife's evidence into consideration. This caused a situation that was serious enough to launch an investigation into all three judges for abuse of authority, but no serious investigation was ever carried out?

Thau's Involvement in the case of the Schlesinger Twins

We have been reliably informed that only a small proportion of what is known about Thau's involvement in this case has been published. It is safe to conclude that Konstanze Thau has likely had far more secret communications and influence in this case and that only a very small portion of this has been uncovered.

The Austrian newspaper, Heute, reported back in 2013: "This newspaper can now reveal the findings of our research: For months a high court judge (name known) has intervened on the side of the father (the high court judge is a good friend of the ex-husband)."

In fact, according to this post, "judge Konstanze Thau (who has no legal position in the case) was a family friend of Schlesinger's, and was advising him as admitted by Schlesinger in court and documented in the court transcripts."

Back in 2013, an investigation was lodged to investigate her involvement in the case although it is not clear whether any investigation was actually carried out or left to fade away. The article reads: 'Lawyer Dr Helmut Krenn said the case has been suspended while the court investigates whether the judge, Susanne Goettlicher, acted improperly by allowing another judge, Konstanze Thau, to intervene in the case. Dr Krenn said: “I applied to transfer the case to another court because of the intervention.”'

Judge Thau was frequently mentioned during the Debate in British Parliament as having made inappropriate communication with the people involved in the case.

Dr Ulrike Willinger (the psychologist responsible for writing a since-discredited 80 page criticism of the mother which heavily contributed to the 2011 custody decision) was an employee of Kenneth Thau, Konstanze Thau's husband. It seems odd that the judge specifically commissioned Dr Willinger to write the report and was never highlighted as a conflict of interest. This raises even more questions as this report has since been independently proven to be wildly inaccurate in favor of Mr Schlesinger. The custody decision was never reversed despite this underpinning report containing dubious findings.

There is further evidence to suggest that Konstanze Thau was working behind the scenes by the fact that Chabad Rabbi Biderman felt it necessary to forward the mother's private emails to her: http://helpbeth.blogspot.co.uk/p/court-document-rabbi-biderman-sent.html.

We have seen, particularly in recent times, when a famous or powerful person is finally convicted of criminal activity, that there were often warning signs for many years that went unheeded. Here, all is laid bare for public scrutiny and it does not make for comfortable reading.

It seems to us, beyond all reasonable doubt, that Konstanze Thau voluntarily, willingly and deliberately used numerous inappropriate tools and people, on multiple independent occasions, to introduce bias into the custody case of the Schlesinger Twins in violation of the role entrusted to her as a high court judge, .

It takes a certain lack of humanity for a person to abuse their authority in such a role, in order to carry out the continued persecution on a vulnerable young mother. Thau's systematic protection of the perpetrator of this abuse, violates every fundamental principle of a judiciary in a civilized society.

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