Video of The Lubavitcher Rebbe Discussing Mothers and Children

A video of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, taken from here:

Part of the transcript: "It is the mother who carries the child for nine months with all the pain involved the entire development and dependent on the mother's exertion. Therefore, by common sense - even if the child were not fully dependent on the mother for the first several years of life - the child's very existence, its development in the womb and its birth depended completely on the mother.... Common sense dictates that this is reason for the mother's nationality to determine the child's. So a group of men come along - and what is mire bizarre, some women - and have decided that they'll rearrange the natural order. They insist that the mother is irrelevant, but rather if the father is of a certain nationality, then this should determine the child's people. This defies logic, it defies common sense. The greatest injustice, the greatest crime that can be perpetrated upon a mother is to rob her of her child for whom she toiled through the pains of pregnancy and labor for nine months, with the sheer will to bring a child into the world. Now a few people come along and say: "No! Why should it be this way? We will gather a committee and decide this by vote. And with the committee's vote we will change the nature of another couple's child." It is unheard of! This is not a religious issue - although it is certainly fundamental to Judaism - it affects even those who, for whatever reason, are not involved in Judaism or who are non-Jewish, belonging to a different nation. When people are convening or organizing to "decide" to what People a child will belong - all the women of the entire world should raise an outcry - and certainly they eventually will - to categorically reject such a possibility."

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