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What this blog is and what it isn't

Following the immediate shutdown of the helpbeth.org website due to an Austrian court injuction, numerous activists who have been monitoring the case on social media have been outraged at what appears to be a violation of free speech. Many concerns have been flagged about the judicial procedure and British MPs have labelled the case "kafkaesque" and "corrupt". Justice needs to be done and justice needs to be seen to be done, not silenced.

A small group of people located in different countries (excluding Austria) have set up this anonymous blog to act as a central resource for anyone wishing to find out more about this case.

This blog will republish material from news sites and perhaps other blogs but you will not find any content on this blog that does not appear elsewhere on the internet (we cannot be held accountable if source links we refer to are subsequently taken down).

Ms Schlesinger (nee Alexander) does not know who we are and has no means of making contact with us (other than through the contact page). She will not be able to issue "press releases" to this site or supply exclusive information to us.

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  1. Having children and especially in a foreign country is really difficult. Many mothers do suffer from post-natal depression, it is quite common, but are then helped by the right qualified people. Having twins must be even double the pressure on the mother. What worries me about this case is that a diagnosis of mental illness, without investigating post-natal was given very readily. Are we still in Victorian times when women were sectioned for post natal depression? How frightening.